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Welcome to KML Logistics Group Inc.

Meeting your transportation needs - long distance or local

KML Logistics Group Inc. is a leading non-asset based third party freight intermediary that specializes in assisting in the transport of product throughout North America .  Through our network, we also offer a wide range of warehousing options and product management services to assist you with any off-site storage requirements.

Our mission is not simply to move freight for your company, but rather play a vital role in your supply chain between you and your suppliers and customers.  This approach has allowed our company to become a strategic partner in efficiency by helping our clients grow their business by ultimately satisfing their customers.

Whether your company is small or an international organization, we guarantee that our caring Customer Service Team will do everything to ensure that each shipment arrives at its destination.  Even if your needs are shipping just one pallet, multiple pallets, or full a load, and require van or specialized equipment, we are able to meet your transportation needs.